We believe that what distinguishes us in this field is the main integrated and comprehensive services that we provide under one roof

Event management in terms of planning, design, implementation, support and organization​

Electronic equipment rental​

(Laptops - printers - tablets - iPad - screens - wired barcode reader - wireless barcode reader - screens Self-service - headphones - lighting - voltage converter - wireless connection - portable charger of different sizes - all types Connectors - many other devices)

Providing communications solutions​

(5G fixed and mobile devices - communication lines - mobile devices)

Installing and operating devices from beginning to end of the event​

(Registration offices - kiosks - corridors - cabins - Booths - census services for entry and exit - offices for indirect communication with customers)


Securing a highly efficient work team​

(Security men - organizers - supervisors - project manager)

Every event needs electronic devices, services, and methods that help increase speed, quality, and professional support. Here comes the role of GUESTECH. It makes it easy for you to obtain this electronic equipment, continuously monitor it, and benefit from the services it provides with the highest quality standards. It is characterized by the presence of a highly qualified work team to equip, operate, and set up. this event

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